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International Marketplace - Korean and Asian Market

M Mart – Midopa Oriental Market

p: (303) 695-4676
2000 S Havana St, #4749, Aurora, CO 80012


9am - 9pm




  • Minority Owned
  • Asian Owned


  • In-Store



Everything you need for your Asian and international cooking can be found here: Fresh vegetables, sprouts, quail eggs, bok choy, large Korean peaches, Japanese and Korean style noodles. A fresh meat and seafood counter. A large selection of frozen seafood and freshly made sushi. Dried seaweed, rices, grains, beans, soy and fish sauces and teas. Japanese & Korean candies. A very large frozen food section featuring dumplings and potstickers. There is a large gift shop and a bakery on site, too.

M Mart is the only Korean independently owned international grocery market in Colorado.


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M-Mart squeezes a considerable selection of Korean and Japanese essentials into a moderately-sized space. Deal-seeking shoppers find themselves shoulder to shoulder with immense bags of dried mushrooms, diverse types of rice noodles, soy sauces and tea. Of course, the kim chi and tofu sections are quite large.




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