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NANA African Market

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A Taste of Home: Nana African Market is a small, family-owned international market carrying ethnic specialty products and food with a mission to bring people closer to their heritage and provide a little taste of home.

The Ghanaian-owned grocery known as Nana African Market (just a few doors down from the now-legendary Cody’s Cafe) will titillate you with its accoutrements from all over West Africa.

Scintillating seasonings like Hwentia (grains of Selim), Kawu (potash), Wrewre (melon seeds) and Wusa (Malagueta pepper) sit just a few feet away from bags of couscous and Nigerian Iyan (pounded yam) flour. Meanwhile, the various coolers serenade you as well, with goat meat and the fixings for Palaver Sauce (a multi-country favorite marrying beef and sundry greens).

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg of course. On one set of shelves alone, you can choose from an array of palm oils for your cooking convenience. Why, there’s the “regular” red version, the whitish variety known as palm kernel oil, and a specially-formulated blend for making the (in)famous Liberian regional dish, Torbogee. This latter stew’s signature ingredient, Kittily (tiny green pods which some of you might be more familiar with as Susumber or Thai eggplant) can also be purchased here in cans alongside the more typical white eggplants known as garden eggs or Ntroma.

Don’t forget to grab a beverage on your way to the cashier! Along with huge bottles of the famed British energy drink, Lucozade, and Schweppes Bitter Lemon, you will find tasty guava and pineapple juices. And if you arrive at just the right time you may even be able to avail yourself of the Ghanaian soda Muscatella, whose grapey-cream soda flavor is sure to be a hit.

Nana – it’s a nice place to be. (Another great review by On Havana Street blogger Mark Tunnell)

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