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Adult day care center in Aurora, Colorado

Prestige Adult Day Care

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2680 S Havana St Unit C, Aurora, CO 80014


Prestige ADC  Enhance Your Golden Years With Fun and Friends at Adult Day Care Center

Prestige Adult Day Care endeavors to show love and care to all those who come under our umbrella. We are committed to providing the best quality care and exceptional service. Because we believe in the dignity and sanctity of human life, we provide the cleanest environment that nourishes and refreshes the soul while enabling the person to regain strength and health.Ours is a compassionate environment where adults are cared for with kindness and empathy. We have highly trained and qualified staff capable of providing professional care. Our desire is to see the elderly amongst us living a healthy and dignified life.

Senior Day Care and Other Services


Social activities

We provide opportunities for the elderly to interact with others in planned social activities. We encourage social engagement through shared meals and snacks. Our members take part in games and entertainment activities designed to help them interact more with others and avoid reclusion.  The activities are planned such that they strengthen and improve social skills like communication, sharing and conflict resolution. We help our members overcome shyness and be comfortable around other people.


Door to door transportation

Because most of our members are day scholars, we have a transportation service designed to pick and return them to their homes. We do a door to door transportation service, meaning that members get to enjoy the benefit of being picked up and delivered on their doorstep. And, just like the staff at our facility, our drivers are specially trained to be courteous and extra careful during the entire process of bringing the members to our facility and taking them back home.


Therapeutic activities

Therapy is essential for our elderly members in order to maintain the proper physical, emotional and mental health. We therefore have a program for various therapeutic activities to facilitate this. Physical exercising which includes yoga, light jogging and gym exercises are part of our program. We also organize and facilitate safe supervised field trips to cultural sites, parks and museums. Motivational and educational programs with guest speakers, discussions and other similar engagements are also organized from time to time.


Help with mail, documents and forms

With old age comes the challenge of failing sight and inability to read. This makes it difficult to handle documents, some of which are crucial. This is why we offer this service to our elderly members. We provide help with documents, mail and forms that are necessary for meeting their various requirements and obligations. We assist with reading and filling in statutory documents, reading and responding to emails as well as facilitating communication with various friends and relatives.


Entertainment and celebrations

We also encourage fun and entertainment at our facility for the elderly. We believe in making their lives as engaging as possible so that they also get to have a life full of fun and excitement. Activities like movie days, community gatherings and discussions, music and entertainment are all part of our programs. Mental stimulation though games such as puzzles, bio-ceramics, bingo, among others, are also included. Our elderly get to take part in karaoke and sing along, dance classes, birthday and holiday celebrations.


Beauty services

Our elderly also need to feel beautiful and appreciated as well. For this reason, we have special beauty services tailored to meet their needs. Skin and massage therapy sessions, as well as hairdressing and styling are some of the services we offer in our beauty programs. We have specially trained therapists and beauty specialists who have the relevant skills and experience necessary for working with the elderly. Specialized skin and hair therapy will definitely leave them feeling fresh and beautiful.


Senior Day Care Denver

For those living in Denver and its locality and searching for an adult day care service, we’re here to help. Prestige Senior Day Care believes in enriching the lives of our clients’ golden years with friendship, fun and compassionate care. We believe that the elderly people in our care deserve the very best in terms of care and support from us. Because senior adults tend to feel lonely and withdrawn as the years’ advance, we endeavor to cultivate a sense of belonging by creating opportunities for socialization with other senior citizens at our center. We endeavor to be the best senior day care in the Denver region. And, gauging from the positive reviews we’ve received from our clients, we can conclude that we are headed in the right direction.


Senior Care Center Aurora

Our Senior Day Care Center at Aurora was established to offer the safest environment and supportive staff to care for the elderly and disabled within Aurora and its environs. Our staff are professionally trained to offer CPR, first aid and other services as may be needed. We offer the senior citizens at our day care center wonderful opportunities to make friends and engage in activities that would have been impossible in their own homes. We also encourage the members to develop their self-esteem by taking part in activities that enhance their image. Senior adults in our care receive personalised care that guarantees that their unique needs are identified and taken care of. Visit our offices and find out how your loved one can receive the best care possible.


Elderly Day Care

Are you in Denver and are looking for an elderly day care center near you? Then you might be interested in what we have to offer. We are an adult day care provider who pride ourselves in offering the best services in a loving and professional manner. Our facilities are designed to provide a comfortable and warm home-like environment where our clients can enjoy their sunset years in peace. Because we desire to offer the best services, we take the time get to know each of our clients personally so that we can customize our services to suit their needs. And the result, more often than not, is that they fit right into our community.


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