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International Marketplace - European Deli, Bakery & Market, Russian, Polish, Latvian,Uzbekistan

Solomon’s Grocery & European Deli

p: 303-337-6454
1939 S Havana St, Aurora, CO 80014
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Monday - Saturday:

10am - 6:30pm


10am - 6pm


  • Minority Owned
  • Woman Owned


For a very unique experience, you need to visit Solomon’s. Specializing in imported Russian and Eastern European foods, meats and cheeses, this little market is a real gem. They stock many of the Old Country favorites like red caviar, fresh-baked rye breads, unique German bologna, European cold-cuts, cold smoked sausages, herring salted in oil, and many cheeses. In the freezer section, you will discover home-made pelemeni (ravioli) and pierogies. Try a package of blintzes filled with meat, farmers’ cheese or cherries (similar to crepes). Their chocolate candy selection is unmatched in town, and for a special treat pick up a package of their home-made Russian gingerbread cookies or Russian marshmallows.

Solomon’s Grocery & European Deli – 1939 S. Havana St. – Visit Aurora

Stop here to pick up your rye bread, feta cheese in brine and fresh dill pickles, smoked pork loin, hunter’s sausage, Estonian summer sausage, and dozens of other salamis. This is your one-stop deli for any European cuisine.

Westword’s Feature

Authentic” is the word at Solomon’s Grocery and European Deli, where the proprietors — Bukharan immigrant Solomon Gurzhiev and his family — are bend-over-backwards friendly, the coolers are stuffed with a dozen varieties of kefir and farmer’s cheese, and mom Gurzhiev whips up homemade pelmeni on request. It might be a long way from Uzbekistan to Aurora, but the Gurzhievs take the miles in stride at this Russian-Jewish deli, where they feature a compact selection of imported Eastern European foods as well as more than eighty kinds of deli meats, smoked fish, sausages, pickles and cheese — so it’s worth giving yourself an appropriate amount of time to examine the goods. The small but potent selection of fresh-baked breads offered daily at the counter are perfect for slicing and serving with the deli fare.








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