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Authentic Sudanese food

Sudan Cafe & Khairat Injera Bakery

p: 303-337-7409
10375 E Iliff Ave, Aurora, CO 80247
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9am - 9pm


  • Minority Owned


Sudan Café’s menu is nothing short of amazing! Ethiopian, Sudanese and Mediterranean dishes served fresh daily! Come see what the buzz is about!

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“The designation “Middle Eastern” is a vague and shifting notion that doesn’t exactly encapsulate the spectrum of cuisine cooked from Morocco to Pakistan, from Turkey to eastern Africa. So forgive us if Sudan Cafe doesn’t fit neatly into standard notions of where the Middle East begins and ends; you’ll understand once you try the kitchen’s spice-laden ful — soft-cooked beans served as breakfast with eggs or at lunch on a crusty baguette — or Egyptian-style koshari, a hearty dish of lentils, rice and pasta topped with tomato sauce and onions fried to a crispy dark brown. While the dishes seem new and different, they have familiar flavors and spices, including cumin and garlic; you’ll also find lamb and falafel on the menu. But you’ll also be reminded of Ethiopian cooking if you order molokhia, a slippery green soup made with jute leaves and served with housemade injera flatbread. Herbed coffee and sweet mint tea are a great finish to a warm and filling meal at this friendly cafe; just leave your map at home.”





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