Celebrate Small Business Month On Havana Street in March – Featuring Piramides Mexican Restaurant

March 9th, 2023

By On Havana Street

Piramides Mexican Restaurant

1911 S. Havana Street., Aurora, CO (303) 693-9519

With more than 25 percent identifying as Latino or Hispanic, it’s no wonder restaurants in Aurora reflects this statistic.

In fact, Colorado stands as the first state to recognize Hispanic Restaurant Week last September 2022. So, let’s head over to On Havana Street and check out Piramides Mexican Restaurant.


Husband and wife team Victor and Zoila Urresti opened this restaurant September 2021, offering authentic Mexican cuisine, adding influences from Aztec. With 25 years in the restaurant business, Victor stands confident of his menu selection and culinary expertise.

The couple selected the location because it’s close to their home residence in Aurora. They immigrated from Mexico many years ago. Colorado was their choice since extended family was already settled here.

Piramides is the second restaurant for Victor in Colorado. With a wide selection of food items, it’s aimed to please anyone who enjoys Mexican cuisine.

Type: Mexican with a touch of Aztec

Price Range: $5.95 to $26.95

Menu Selection

Mexican cookery is part of Americans’ choices for top-three favorite global cuisines. Permeating as part of the American diet, Mexican flavors and ingredients have infused vibrant tastes into Coloradoans’ weekly intake of dining. The food is cooked to order. It comes out piping hot, but that doesn’t mean diners wait long for their entrees.

If you want to try some authenticity, Molcajete Sol Y Luna is the way to go. It shows a little pizzaz as the dish is presented in a sizzling manner. Packed with flavors, the entrée is presented in an old-style, deep dish. Unless you have a hearty appetite, no one can finish this entrée in one sitting.

The restaurant also offers a seafood version if steak, chorizo, chicken, and pork are too much to handle. Filled to the brim with pork, chicken, beef, and chorizo, it sits on top of a bed of fajita vegetables, topped with a spicy roasted jalapeno. The dish also accompanies a plate of rice, sour cream, guacamole, shredded lettuce, refried beans, and flour tortillas. It is the perfect dish for a couple. It has enough spice for flavor but not overpowering to one’s taste buds.

Popular favorites include tacos, tostadas, enchiladas, burritos, tamales, just to name a few. The menu is filled with so many options, it could make any diner salivating to try everything.

The seafood selection shows every type of dish. In addition to food, the restaurant also offers a huge selection of margarita choices, too. Zoila creates all kinds of flavors, even skinny margaritas, or non-alcoholic beverages.

Customer Service

With a staff of 10, including two chefs, customer service is attentive to diners. The wait staff are welcoming and friendly. They are checking on diners for food satisfaction and other needs. 


The ambience is pretty. It is clean and well maintained. Parking won’t be a problem since it is situated in a space offering plenty of spots. But watch out for signage designed for specific retailers in the center.

For those with large parties of 20 or more, the restaurant offers a separate space with a bar and a separate entrance with a large patio space. It is usually used for private events, Karaoke night and holiday events.


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