Tuesday, March 29, 2022 2-4:30pm $RSVP REQ + Drink Order

Boba & Business – Networking Event & Celebration of Small Businesses

We are Celebrating Small Businesses On Havana Street during the month of March 2022

The Havana Business Improvement District – On Havana Street will host an intimate social and meet up to celebrate supporting Small Businesses On Havana Street businesses. This is also an opportunity for small businesses On Havana Street to connect and network with one another.

The boba drink catering order has been placed on March 25, 2022 and the RSVP and order form was removed from this event page.

Name (First) Name (Last) Business Attending Beverage Order
2 Julian Lee M Mart Creme Brulee tiger milk Boba. Less ice, 50% sweetness
3 David Levesque Launch Pad Brewery Thai milk tea regular ice 50% sugar w pearls
4 Oma Mohamed Chamber Ambassador Thai milk tea with pearl. Less ice, 80% sugar
5 Avondine Hill Here Together in Aurora Thai Milk Tea with Pearls, 50% sweet, low ice
6 Marlo Alston Ready To Work Aurora Mango Green Tea W/ Pearls

* Regular ice

* 100% Sweetness

* Ice Cream

7 Minsoo Song City of Aurora – OIAA Thai Milk Tea with pearls
8 Danchen Astle ALG Commercial #3 with pearls no ice 30% sugar
9 Kim Stuart City of Aurora – Communications Black Tea Boba with 30% sweet (sugar free if you have) w/o pearls
10 Lara Ray City of Aurora – Marketing Wintermelon Lemonade (Not on main list, but need something without caffeine)
11 Inass Bounouar City of Aurora 3. Mango Green Tea w/o Pearls
12 Daniel Solomon Dozens Restaurant No choice.
13 Donna Hansen Breathe Real Estate 4. Strawberry Green Tea w/ jelly
14 Kim Fox Fox Media & Marketing Drink #2 please
Classic Black Milk Tea w/o Pearls
Thank you!
15 Juan Marcano Councilmember, Ward IV Crème Brûlée Tiger Milk Boba, less ice, 100% sweetness.
16 Steve Sundberg Legends of Aurora Sports Grill/City of Aurora Council Member Ward 2 #1 Thai Milk Tea Please w/ seeds at bottom

Thank you!

17 Tracy Baxter Beyond Elegance Events & Weddings No #1  Thai milk tea w/50% sweetness
18 Jeannine Rustad City of Aurora – Planning Dept. Mango green tea (regular ice) with pearls 30% sweetness.
19 Jeannie Davis Aurora Commission for Older Adults 3. Mango Green Tea w/Pearls
20 Danielle Lammon Danielle Shannon Agency Mango green tea w/o pearls. Regular ice, 50% sweet, no toppings.
21 Jana Clark WeeCycle Thai milk tea without pearls, 80% sweet, less ice,  no toppings. Thank you!
22 Ruben Medina City Council Ward 3 Brewed, green tea, 50% sweet
23 Randy Davis The Better Mattress Fruit tea.

Wintermelon Lemonade

Reg Ice

Sweetness lvl= 80%

No toppings

24 Morgan Seibel WeeCycke Thai milk with pearls, 80% Please also make Lindsey Zabsck’s 80% sweet.
25 Lindsey zaback WeeCycle Cream brûlée milk boba
26 Marsha Berzins Birch Electric Thai Milk Tea w/o pearls

Light ice

No topping

50% sweetness

27 Peter Lee UNI worldwide Financial Marketing Strawberry Mojito. Less ice, 100% no topping
28 Frankie Anderson Aurora-South Metro SBDC Mango Green Tea with pearls; regular ice; 0 sugar; no toppings
29 Sarah Woodson High Demand Delivery Thai Milk Tea w/o pearls

regular ice

Sweetness Level


no toppings

30 Trevor Vaughn City of Aurora Licensing Crème Brûlée Tiger Milk Boba – normal sweetness –
31 Jay Kim Bonfire Event Co. 5. Crème Brûlée Tiger Milk Boba

Less ice, 50% sweetness

Please and thank you!

32 Charles Thompson AmCap Inc. Hawaii Fruit Tea, half sweet, regular ice
33 Chance Horiuchi Havana Business Improvement District Chance H. – Mango Green Tea w/ Pearls, LESS ICE, 0% SUGAR
34 Mary Nguyen Milkroll Creme Brûlée Tiger Milk Boba

Less ice

100% sugar

35 Danielle Jurinsky City of Aurora At Large
36 Curtis Gardner City of Aurora At Large
37 Alison Coombs City of Aurora – Ward 5
38 Hannah Cho Shin Myung Gwan KBBQ
39 Celeste Ramirez Coco Loco
40 Hasmik (Jasmine) Khachatryan Lucy’s Flowers
41 Ayu M. ASCI
42 Scott Davenport Heirlooms Antique Mall
43 Yuly Williams US BANK
44 Amy Meyer Smith Infinit of Denver
45 Solomon & Liya FSL Motors
46 Evelyn Addis Ababa
47 Tony Nyugen Studious Photography & Videography
48 Rolf Werner Pickens Techinical College – HMM Tool Incentive Program

Join us On Havana Street! This is a great way to support a local business, try a new beverage, and connect with someone new.

Other Ways to Participate in Celebrating Small Businesses On Havana Street during March 2022:




Sharetea Aurora - Village on the Park

2495 S Havana St., Site # D, Aurora Colorado CO

Located in the shopping center across the street from the Stampede, near Ross, Old Navy, Five Below, First Watch, US BANK, Jersey Mike's, bb.q Chicken, Tj Maxx, Yemen Grill, Coco Loco, Sir Speedy, Golden Luze, Tofu House, Glass Tek, Shoe Carnival and more.

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Chance Horiuchi