Monday, February 13, 2023 5-9p $Reservations Req - Space is Limited

Valentine’s Prohibition Jazz Dinner at Cody’s Cafe & Bar


Join us for a Prohibition Jazz Dinner the Day Before Valentine’s Day.

Enjoy a live concert dinner with our live jazz series the day before Valentines Day!

Wine, great food, great Jazz!

Celebrate with a friend or loved one at Cody’s Cafe & Bar.

Call for Reservations for a Vietnamese Menu on Valentines Day featuring Live Lobster! Call for reservations (303) 751-1288

Shrimp Fritters

Soft Shell Crab Tempura Crab house pickled veg | fresh herbs

Crispy Spring Roll house pickled vegetables | fresh herbs | rice noodles

Pork Potstickers


Lamb Rack Garlic Red Wine Marinade | Lemon Roasted Potatoes

Two Mushroom Beef stir fried beef tenderloin – red wine| red peppers + onions | mushroom brown rice

Jumbo Shrimp lightly stir fried jumbo shrimp | garlic | onion | peppers |mushroom brown rice

Vietnamese Paella mussels | clams | shrimp | scallops | grilled salmon | chinese greens | mushroom brown rice

Live Lobster Extraordinaire Garlic | chopped Peppers| Cabbage ribbons

Honey Sesame Halibut

Also, Don’t forget we have 5pm and 830pm spots left for our 5 course Italian dinner at Bettolas!


Cody's Cafe and Bar

10203 E Iliff Ave Aurora, CO 80247-3621