Free Marketing for Denver Metro Area Businesses During Covid-19

June 13th, 2020


Visit Aurora is offering a FREE way to market your business to locals and visitors in the Eastern Metro Area of Denver and Aurora. The Savings Pass is a platform that offers discounts and specials and helps local businesses reach a new customer audience. During these challenging times with Covid-19 this is a great way to market to new customers and let the community know you are open for business.

Overview of Savings Pass

Visit Aurora has a mobile-exclusive Savings Pass to help
local businesses during this time. We know many
businesses are offering discounts and specials, so we have
partnered with Bandwango to create a platform to promote
these efforts.

We encourage you to sign up for the Savings
Pass to see how the program works. It is very similar to
traditional couponing, with the key difference being that
these are hyper-targeted, curated, and relevant to specific
target audiences through a mobile-exclusive channel.
As a featured merchant on the pass, there is no cost to you
to participate.

All that we ask is a coupon/discount that you
can offer passholders as an incentive to visit your business
and spend money with you.

Once your offer is submitted, Visit Aurora’s Bandwango representative will be reaching out to you to
review of your offer, help answer any questions and provide
instructions for next steps and training materials.

Redemption Process

The redemption process is very simple, and it is Visit Aurora’s intent
to not disrupt your current processes. All you’ll have to do
when a customer shows up with the mobile passport is
redeem the coupon you’ve provided with a simple 2-tap

We recommend signing up for the Savings Pass to see how
the program works. They are all completely free and
instantly delivered via text and email.

Submit Your Offer

If you’d like to participate, please fill out this 5-minute
form here:


Who can use the Savings Pass?

Visit Aurora will be promoting the
Savings Pass in Aurora and the
greater metro area to help drive more
traffic to your business. We know that
many businesses are being innovative
during this time with new offers,
modified services, discounts, and
other specials and we wanted to
create a place where all these great
offerings could be accessed and

How much does it cost to provide an offer?

There is no cost to you to participate.
Visit Aurora pays a third-party
company to manage the platform.
Visit Aurora sees the Savings Pass as
a valuable resource to locals and
visitors, and a way to market your

Is there a specific time period my business is able to provide an offer?

Your offer can be available with an
indefinite end date, or you can set an
end date if the offer is only valid for a
specific time frame.

Can I track who is using my offers?

Visit Aurora can provide a variety of
reports that will help you track
success or help you decide on
modifying your offer.

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