The Angry Chicken

February 3rd, 2017

The Angry Chicken Restaurant in Aurora is coming to the Birchtree Center and will occupy the former Whispers Bar & Grill tenant space.  From what we hear, this is Korean fried chicken that is unlike anything you have ever had and is out of this world!  You could order “friendly chicken” which is classic fried chicken, “angry chicken” which is breaded with a cinnamon sweet chili coating, “sexy chicken” which has a soy/garlic coating, “so so angry chicken” which is the extra spicy coating and finally “furious chicken” with is the super spicy version.  They also serve spicy burgers with kimchi and a vegan/tofu burger.

The tenant space at Birchtree Center has been gutted and the crew is busy on the interior build out for Angry Chicken.  Also in Birchtree Center, Han Kang Korean has also closed and the space has been gutted to make way for a second new restaurant.