What’s Behind The Name “Salvage Restaurant?”

October 6th, 2017

Executive Chef Stephen Mondale and his wife, restaurant manager Hopi Star Mondale, shared what is behind the new name for The Summit Steakhouse–“Salvage Restaurant.”  Here is their letter to patrons:

Formerly The Summit.  We have changed our name but have kept all the shining stars of the old Summit that you know and love.  We have taken the last 5 months to consider issues that our guests felt were important to them as well as what we discovered were necessary changes.  We felt it was time for a fresh start and, with that, a fresh name.  The significance of our name and our brand is very important to us and we would like to share it with you.

The lore of the crafty Raven is that of a protector, a teacher, and a bringer of great prosperity.  They also are known treasure collectors and their nests are often filled with shiny items such as jewelry and coins that they have found (hence the shiny start in the Raven’s beak).  We feel this represents the treasures that we have discovered in this iconic location.  That being said, we felt it necessary to hold onto those treasures and let go of the things that were holding us back from moving forward.  We hope you join us in this exciting next chapter and era of 2700 S Havana. We appreciate your support and hope to continue our relationship with you and our community.

Thank you very much,

Executive Chef Stephen Mondale and Hopi Star Mondale
Salvage Restaurant
2700 S Havana Street
Aurora, CO  80014


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