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Karaoke Bar - The Korean term Noraebang translates to “singing room” and is a popular family and social pastime for all ages, from children to adults.

Muse Noraebang and Cafe

p: (720) 389-7807
2222 South Havana Street D, Aurora, CO 80014
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  • Minority Owned
  • Asian Owned


Muse Noraebang is a private room karaoke located near Denver, Colorado. Our mission is to provide a unique cultural experience for families, friends, and coworkers in a high class environment.

The Korean term Noraebang translates to “singing room” and is a popular family and social pastime for all ages, from children to adults. Whether you are having a celebration or just want to unwind over your favorite beverage, Muse Noraebang is the perfect location.

Nine private rooms including our VIP room is available for reservation featuring advanced lighting, high quality sound systems and installed phone for easy drink and food ordering.

At our full service bar we offer cocktails made with high quality liquors, beer, wine, soju, and makgeolli for your enjoyment.



What is your room capacity and pricing?

We offer a variety of different sized rooms in order to accommodate different needs. Rooms will be assigned to your group based on the size of the party. Additionally, we offer rooms with an optional YouTube upgrade. Room sizes are as follows:

  • One Person: $15.60/ h (with YouTube: $20.80/h)

  • Small 2-5 people: $31.20/ h (with YouTube: $41.60/h)

  • Medium 6-7 people: $36.40/ h (with YouTube: $46.80/h)

  • Large 8-12 people: $46.80/ h (with YouTube: $57.19/h)

  • XL 13-16 people: $52.00/h (with YouTube: $62.39/h)

  • VIP 15+ people: $103.99 per hour

To make a reservation for the VIP room or to inquire further, please call us at 720-389-7807. Email reservations for the VIP room will not be accepted.

All groups of eight or more will have a gratuity of 18% added to their bill at checkout.


What is the VIP room?

In addition to being our largest room, with space for up to 30 people and a built-in stage, our VIP room has an extra screen and wired microphone in addition to the two wireless microphones. The most noteworthy benefit to booking this room however, is the built-in YouTube connection, allowing for unlimited song selection anywhere on the internet!

Please note that the VIP room requires a payment information ahead of time and must be booked over the phone or in person.


Which languages do you offer?

We offer songs in all of the following languages:

  • English

  • Spanish

  • Korean

  • Russian

  • Japanese

  • Chinese

  • Tagalog

  • Thai

  • Vietnamese

  • Indonesian

In addition to these, we also offer Bluetooth connectivity in all of our rooms for even further selection!

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