Wednesday, March 16, 2022 4:30pm-8:30pm $Invite Only due to Limited Capacity

YELP CO ELITES – Celebrate Small Business Month On Havana Street

This is an Invite Only for  Yelp Colorado Elites and a private event at Heirlooms Antique Mall – On Havana Street.

RSVP required and confirmation by Yelp Colorado.

We are partnering with Yelp Colorado, Yelp Elites, and some of our local, small businesses to celebrate Small Business Month On Havana Street.

National Mom & Pop Month is March and every year On Havana Street likes to honor and highlight the many small businesses in the District from 6th Avenue to Dartmouth Avenue.

This year we will be hosting a special and unique event with 50 Yelp Elites at Heirlooms Antique Mall.

There will be two time slots for 25 Yelp Elites to visit On Havana Street, sample small bites & drinks, take photos, participate in a mini YELP scavenger hunt, post selfies, share reviews, and explore the Heirlooms Antique Mall.

Schedule for the Yelp Elite Event at Heirlooms Antique Mall

4:30pm-6:30pm – 25 Yelp Elites

6:30pm-8:30pm – 25 Yelp Elites

There will be small bites and drink samples from nine of our small business restaurants and markets, and giveaways in the 2-level antique mall with 65+ small business vendors.

On Havana Street Small Bites from 9 Small Businesses in the District Include:

Piramides Mexican Restaurant – Victor Urresti

1911 S Havana St, Aurora, CO 80014

Victor will have samples of Chicken and Beef Taquitos, Chips and Salsa, & Guacamole for Yelp Elites.

Piramides serving high quality traditional Mexican food. We have a full-service bar, fresh and inventive margaritas, an assortment of craft and Mexican beers served with genuine hospitality



Angry Chicken – John Kim

1930 S Havana St, Unit 13, Aurora, CO 80012

Korean Fried Chicken Wings with an assortment of specialty sauces, fries, a variety of samples of Korean Soju from Chum-Churum (Soju is a clear colorless distilled spirit native to Korea).

Angry Chicken was born in December of 2017. We are a unique brand of fried chicken. Our breading is one of a kind, made of rice flour and not your usual flour, which makes it crispy, light and moist without the heavy greasy taste and is also gluten-free. All of our chicken is never frozen and every dish is made fresh to order. Our sauces are also uniquely made and have influences from Korea. We strive to fulfill and satisfy the varying tastebuds of all of our customers.




Sam’s No 3 – Patrick Armatas

2580 S Havana St, Aurora, CO 80014

Patrick will be serving samples of their famous Sam’s No 3 green chili.

Sam’s No. 3 has been awarded Westword’s “Best of Denver” and “Top Breakfast Places.” Their Colorado green chili is famous and they serve homemade Greek specialties for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sam’s favorites include delicious Bloody Mary’s, Macho Nachos, Greek Salad, Breakfast Split and the Colorado Buffalo Burrito. You can even get a burrito that is as big as your head at Sam’s No 3!  On weekends, there is always a big crowd gathering for breakfast and brunch at this very popular diner.  A weekday breakfast or lunch will allow you to try this incredible diner, highly touted on Diners, Drive Ins and Dives, and be seated right away.




Nile Ethiopian Restaurant –  Salem & Moses Musa – NEW Ownership as of 2/2021

1951 S Havana St, Aurora, CO 80014

Veggie Sambusa: A Pastry Shell Filled With Lentils, Onions, Green Peppers And Herbs.

Ethiopian dishes & combo platters served in a warm, lively room with traditional flair.



Solomon’s European Grocery & Deli – Ada Gurzhiev

1939 S Havana St, Aurora, CO 80014

An assortment of pierogies, pelemeni (Eastern European dumplings) and Ukrainian Roshen Chocolate Bars.

For a very unique experience, you need to visit Solomon’s. Specializing in imported Russian and Eastern European foods, meats and cheeses, this little market is a real gem. They stock many of the Old Country favorites like red caviar, fresh-baked rye breads, unique German bologna, European cold-cuts, cold smoked sausages, herring salted in oil, and many cheeses. In the freezer section, you will discover home-made pelemeni (ravioli) and pierogies. Try a package of blintzes filled with meat, farmers’ cheese or cherries (similar to crepes). Their chocolate candy selection is unmatched in town, and for a special treat pick up a package of their home-made Russian gingerbread cookies or Russian marshmallows.




Coco Loco Smoothie Juices & Eats – Jose, Celeste & Vicky Ramirez

2353 S Havana St, D14, Aurora, CO 80014

Grab and Go Coco Loco Wellness Shots for guests to try. Ingredients include: pineapple, lemon and ginger. Plus samples of Vicky’s popular gluten free/vegan muffins.

The owners will be at a family wedding, but wanted to share a popular wellness shot with the Yelpers.

Coco Loco is a family owned and operated shop that provides customers with fresh juices, smoothies and dishes that are equally as delicious as they are healthy and nutritious. Coco Loco is constantly adapting and changing to meet your healthy cravings. Visit their shop after the event and check out their extensive menu here.




Heirlooms Antique Mall – Scott Davenport

1947 S Havana St, Aurora, CO 80014

Scott will be providing water bottles, wine and spirit samples for the Yelp Elites.

Explore unique vendors in the 2-levels of 65 vendors selling vintage furniture, jewelry & collectibles.



International snacks from M Mart – Mr. Lee/Korea Town Aurora Volunteers

Spicy Korean Seaweed + Korean Chocolate Cake Snack

2000 S Havana St, Aurora, CO 80012

M Mart is the only Korean independently owned international grocery market in Colorado. Everything you need for your Asian and international cooking can be found here: Fresh vegetables, sprouts, quail eggs, bok choy, large Korean peaches, Japanese and Korean style noodles. A fresh meat and seafood counter. A large selection of frozen seafood and freshly made sushi. Dried seaweed, rices, grains, beans, soy and fish sauces and teas. Japanese & Korean candies. A very large frozen food section featuring dumplings and potstickers. There is a large gift shop and a bakery on site, too.



International snacks from Nana African Market – Bridget Ofori

10233 E Iliff Ave, Aurora, CO 80247

Bridget will be serving samples of Puff Puff and Chin Chin. Both are popular African snacks or treats and common snack foods, sold on street corners, kiosks and supermarkets.

Nana African Market is a retail store specializing in African and Caribbean food stuffs and specialty products, including (but not limited to) fabrics, jewelry, games, etc… Stop by today & experience a taste of home.




Chin Chin is an African/Ghana fried snack made with flour, sugar, water, salt, margarine, & baking powder.

Bofrot also known as “Puff Puff is an African/Ghana fried donut made with butter, eggs, flour, sugar, vegetable oil, water, & yeast.



Heirlooms Antique Mall

1947 S Havana St, Aurora, CO 80014

Spacious, 2-level place with 65 vendors selling vintage furniture, jewelry & collectibles in the Havana Square Shopping Center

Note: Havana & Jewel Shopping Center, near Havana Beauty Supply, Colorado Pro's Gym, Nile Ethiopian, Colpar HobbyTown USA, Piramides, Medicine Man, BINGO and MORE