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Yum Yum Cake & Pastries

p: 303-353-8266
2680 S Havana St, Unit AA, Aurora, CO 80014

Monday - Saturday:

9am - 8pm


9am - 7pm


  • Minority Owned
  • Asian Owned
  • Woman Owned


Cozy local bakeshop providing a range of Asian pastries, plus macaroons, cakes & bubble tea.  Not only do they have cream puffs, they also have a variety of cream filled, Bavarian cream, cream cheese, and red bean buns to name a few; these buns are somewhat like a danish.  The nice common attribute to these baked goods is none are terribly sweet.  They also have cakes and macaroons, espresso, and boba drinks.

Finally, they have shaved iced – shaved ice, topped with sweet beans, fruit and drizzled with like a condensed milk sauce and topped with ice cream.  This is very similar to Filipino Halo Halo.  $7.00 gets a small shaved ice, served brimming over a pint size container and big enough for 2 to share.

Service is very friendly and there is limited seating to enjoy your treats immediately!  Most of the buns are in the $1.75-$2.25 range.  Look forward to future visits.


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