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Dah Won Rice Cake

p: 303-369-7890
2222 S Havana St, #K, Aurora, CO 80014

In Korean cuisine, a popular food is the gloriously glutinous-rice cake called Tteok. This item is usually eaten in one of two ways. It can either be savory (in which case it is usually cooked with more flavorful items, as in Tteokbokki where it is stir-fried with Kochujang [chili/soybean paste], noodles, fish cakes, etc). Or, it can be sweet (in which case it generally has some sort of coating, flavoring or filling).

Dah Won focuses primarily on the latter version but also offers up some plain varieties of tteok to use in your favorite recipes. Their cakes are a variety of fluorescent colors, and can be coated with chestnut or acorn flour, filled with bean paste, or stuffed with nuts or other delights. Let the friendly couple behind the counter tell you what’s good today.

You will want to order the Ggul-tteok which stuffs white, green and pink cakes with a sweet honey-sesame filling. Fantastic!  (Review by On Havana Street blogger, Mark Tunnell)

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